Monday, June 18, 2012

Guest Blog Post: Christopher Smith on Social Media Marketing

I would like to welcome guest blogger Christopher Smith to JanetteFuller.Com. Mr. Smith is a Social Media Marketing Specialist. He is passionate about using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to help online entrepreneurs network and build a brand that will be rewarding and profitable.

Simply do a Google search on “Social Media” or “Social Websites” and your computer may blow up from all of the links that will show up. Depending upon which source you consider, there are around 100 global social media websites with a large number of unique visitors. These range from Facebook with approximately 908,000,000 registered global users to lesser known websites like Nexopia that caters to Canadians and has over 1,000,000 active users. I’ve had the blessing of being able to utilize Social Media to generate a substantial second income from home. Here are my thoughts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Facebook by far is the largest global social media website. Facebook is great for cultivating personal relationships. You can reconnect with friends from grade school. You are able to get in touch with family members that you see every few years. I’ve been able to re-connect with friends that I’ve lost touch with over 15 years ago. Most of my family is a 10 hour car ride away. It is great to see baby pictures of new additions to our clan before they turn three years old. Most people get a card or two on their birthday. When your birthday shows up, your Facebook profile will explode with birthday wishes. Facebook is great for building relationships and building your personal “brand” but not the best choice to market products or services. Share your vacation pictures but not your investment ideas on Facebook.

LinkedIn is considered by many to be the best professional social media website. In my opinion, LinkedIn is a combination of an online head-hunter, a chatty friend and a potential boss. People literally make professional connections on LinkedIn that result in employment and / or contracted work. You are encouraged to network with your personal connections and even make introductions between your connections. LinkedIn makes it super easy to target a search to locate a professional.  Hypothetically speaking, you could find a basket weaver with a four year degree living in Mystery, Alaska. If he or she didn’t exist, LinkedIn would show you other basket weavers in this general area. LinkedIn is great for making professional connections, developing potential business relationships (partners, contacts, professional networks, etc.) and building your personal “brand.” You will not want to share your vacation pictures here but maybe offer to show others how you were able to go on vacation from your business venture.

About Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith is a Social Media Specialist and Online Auction Coach / Mentor. Between his Twitter accounts, eBay accounts, LinkedIn account,  professional / personal Facebook pages and Youtube Channel, he reaches thousands of people each day.

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