Friday, April 13, 2012

Book Review: Eat the Rhino; Business Idea to Business Plan in 30 Bites

By Peter and Roberta Budvietas

Smashwords, 2012

ISBN: 978-0-9864587-8-1



About the Authors
Peter and Roberta Budvietas have studied, taught and written about business for over 30 years. They currently manage Ltd where they offer mentoring and support for business start up and who need focus to grow.

So You Want To Set Up A Business
This book contains the information you need to go from idea for a business to being ready to start doing business. The goal of this book is to bring you to the point where you make the final decision to commit to opening your own business.

Eat The Rhino?
There is an old saying that goes, "How do you eat an elephant?"
The Answer: "One bite at a time."

The authors believe that many people charge in like a rhino when they open a business. The business owners do not have the information or resources they need to operate a successful business.

This book is organized into "30 bites" of useful information for starting a business. Each "bite" is divided into the following parts;
  • Take a bite - a brief introduction of this section.
  • Chew the bite - exercises and detailed information to think about.
  • Savor the bite - implementing the information you discovered in the exercises.
  • Digest the bite - a summary of the bite.
Each bite starts with something general, moves to a specific application of the concept and finishes with a summary.

My Thoughts
This ebook is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs who want to get their business started on the right foot. Preparation is the key to success and this book provides a wealth of information and resources.

I do not have a business background or education, so I can't evaluate the information in this book in a professional manner. I was very impressed with the amount of detail that the authors spent on the financial aspects of setting up and running a business. Many business books that I have read only touch on these subjects and refer you to an accountant or financial professional.

If you read this book and complete all the exercises that are detailed in the text, I think you will be well on the road to business success. After reading this ebook, I feel like I have completed a college course on entrepreneurship. The authors have many years of business experience and are very generous in the amount of instruction that they provide in this book. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is thinking about starting or buying a business.  The exercises in this book will help you determine if entrepreneurship is right for you. If you decide to move forward with your business endeavor, this book offers excellent instruction for doing it right.

My Rating:  5 Stars Out Of 5

FYI ~ Roberta Budvietas sent me a complimentary digital copy of this book to read and review. Thank you!

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