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Book Review: You'll Never Guess Who's Dying From Cancer

CreateSpace, 2012

Michael Antcliffe was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 2008. Upon hearing that his cancer had returned and that death was the inevitable outcome, Michael Antcliffe, on the verge of his 36th birthday, decided that he wanted to make a difference in the lives of those who found themselves in a similar position. Thus began a movement that started with a handful of people on Michael’s Facebook friends list and grew to number in the thousands.

Living and Dying With Cancer
This book is a collection of poignant journal posts that Michael Antcliffe has shared with his Facebook friends over the past year. Michael is fighting for his life and wants to make each moment count. He is on a mission to collect one million dollars to provide care and comfort for other people who have cancer.

Michael posted the following message on Facebook on April 21, 2011;

"You'll never guess who's dying from cancer. Gather around children, take a knee, and let me tell you a story. I am in the 12th round of a fight that began three years ago. My opponent has quite an impressive record. The truth, which I now find myself at peace with, is that I'm going to lose.

I need your help to make something happen here. I need each of you to owe me 10 bucks after I die, and I need you to ask all of your Facebook friends to do the same. I wanna raise a million dollars to provide care and comfort for people in my position."

Michael Antcliffe has been posting regular updates on Facebook about his life with cancer. He is very honest about the struggles and problems that he has been forced to deal with. He describes his treatments and the medication that he takes. He describes the doctors and nurses that have worked with him over the past months. He expresses his appreciation to his family and friends for standing with him and supporting him.

My Thoughts
The author expresses determination, persistence and hope in this book. I found the book very inspiring and uplifting. Michael does not dwell on his terminal disease, but he is always striving to make the most of the time that he has left.

I think this book is a wonderful gift to the thousands of Facebook friends that have come to treasure each and every post that Michael has shared. This book was written from the heart and will leave a lasting mark on the reader's heart and soul.

Michael is actively recruiting Facebook friends and will gladly accept friend requests from people who would like to share his journey. His mission is not to bring attention to himself but to help others. This mission has given Michael the strength to continue the fight against this staunch enemy. I recommend this book to all who are looking for an example of true courage.

My Rating: 5 Stars Out Of 5

A Personal Note
I received the request to read and review this book soon after I learned that a very close family member has been diagnosed with malignant melanoma. My son-in-law will be going to M.D. Anderson hospital tomorrow to see a cancer specialist. I am requesting your fervent prayers.

FYI ~ I received a digital copy of this book to read and review from Stacey Voss. Thank you!

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