Friday, February 25, 2011

Article Marketing by Connie Ragen Green

Articles will help you attract more of the right prospects to your business and will be the foundation for many new products you will be able to create. In Article Marketing: How to Attract New Prospects, Create Products, and Increase Your Income, Connie Ragen Green tells how article writing will change your business and your life. Ms. Green is an expert article writer and has written hundreds of articles about Internet Marketing and other niche topics. This book is a handbook for anyone who is interested in article marketing.  The author explains how she used article marketing to build her online business and offers advice for others who want to follow in her footsteps. Ms. Green is an expert author on EzineArticles.Com.  She has written over 1500 articles that have received over 600,000 views. It is obvious that Connie Ragen Green is an expert on this subject and I am very happy that she has shared her knowledge in this book.

How To Write Articles 
The first thing to do is make a list of topics you want to write about from within your niche. The best articles are those which solve a problem or answer a question.
The 5 paragraph method of writing articles allows you to write an article that covers your subject matter in an hour or less.
  • The first paragraph begins with a statement of fact. 
  • The second paragraph provides more information about the fact that you presented in the first paragraph. 
  • The third paragraph is about a second focus point. 
  • The fouth paragraph is about a third and final fact or focus point. 
  • The fifth paragraph is the conclusion.
How To Use The Articles
Ms. Green provides details on how to distribute and monetize your articles.  She has found that article marketing is a very good way to promote affiliate products. She explains how aricles can be repurposed and reused as blog posts, reports, mini-courses, audio recordings and video recordings.

Buy The Book
This book is available as a Kindle book from Amazon.Com. The price is $5.99.  I think this is a real bargain for anyone who is interested in using article marketing to grow their business. Connie Ragen Green instructs and motivates readers to write articles and write lots of them. She is an amazing example for future internet marketers.

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Lynn Brown said...

Janette I appreciate you sharing tips and techniques on article writing from Connie Ragen Green.

I really like her suggestion for the 5 paragraph method. That is another idea to structure their article writing.

I hope you don't mind if I share my post about article marketing with more tips and ideas.
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Article marketing is a great way to build more awareness about you, your business, products or services.

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Hajra said...

The five paragraph method is very interesting! I loved that idea..! Thanks!

Universal Teacher said...

thanks for sharing

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