Monday, January 26, 2009

The Power Of Who By Bob Beaudine - A Review

The Power of Who; You Already Know Everyone You Need To Know by Bob Beaudine teaches us a new way to think about business and personal networking.
Mr. Beaudine says, "Networking as we know it is crap. It doesn't work!" He explains that it is a waste of time to depend on acquaintances or strangers to help us achieve our goals or find our dream job. The better strategy is to focus on our inner circle of friends and family members. These are the people that believe in us and want to see us succeed.
The "100/40 Strategy" says the average person could make a list of 100 people they have known during their life. You are then told to make a list of 40 things you want to do and accomplish in life. You can then connect the dots and use the people from the "Who" list to help achieve goals on the "What" list.
Mr. Beaudine is a wonderful storyteller and shares some fascinating personal experiences in this book. One of the most poignant lessons that he shares is "Clue 4 - Rejection" in Chapter 6. He tells of a high school basketball coach that called him off the bench and into a game when the team was 18 points behind and two minutes left before the final buzzer. Bob miraculously scored 10 points in less than one minute. The coach called a time out and yelled, "Beaudine - you hog! Get off the court. First team, you're in!" The team lost, 50 - 42.
Mr. Beaudine acknowledges that there are "hog callers" and "dream killers" everywhere. They have no appreciation for your gifts and talents. "Go where you're celebated, not just tolerated." Your "Who" are your real friends who love you and want to see you succeed.
I have decided to apply the concepts in this book to my own life. I want to re-connect with friends that I have neglected in the past few years. I will nurture and treasure my "Who" in a new way. Thank you, Mr. Beaudine!

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