Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's Age Got To Do With It? by Robin McGraw: A Review

Robin McGraw is the wife of best-selling author and television talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw. Robin is on a mission - her goal is to teach women how to age with grace and dignity.
The book is divided into the following topics that will interest most women;
Skin Care
Robin tells some delightful stories about her quest to take care of herself at every stage of her life. She shares the details of her daily exercise routines and diet. She also shares her skin and hair care expertise. There are highlighted areas in the book called "Robin's Rx" and "Robins Way". Robin provides the brand names of the hair and skin products that she recommends. She also provides advice from a panel of experts who answer questions at the end of each chapter.

"What's Hormones Got to Do With It?" (Chapter 5) is very interesting. Robin has spent many years doing research on menopause and how it effects the health of women. She explains how bio-identical hormones can be used to replace natural hormones in a woman's body. Since these natural hormones need to be compounded, which means that they're specially customized and mixed upon the direction of a licensed physician, it is necessary to locate a compounding pharmacist. I have seen Robin on several talk shows promoting this book and she spends most of her time talking about menopause and hormones. She believes that getting your hormones balanced can make a huge difference in your life.

The last chapter, "What's Faith Got To Do With It", tells about Robin's Christian faith. She tells how her mother raised her in a God-centered home and her Christian faith is something that has inspired her deeply. Her mother took her to church, taught her to read and study the Bible and taught her about accepting Jesus Christ as her personal Savior.

Robin McGraw has opened up her bag of tricks for fighting aging and has shared it with the world. This book is informative and inspirational. I look forward to reading the companion volume to this book.

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