Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Book Review: Dear You, Live! Love, Life by Michael Holbrook

  Dear You, Live! Love, Life: Awaking your spirit, overcoming fears & excuses, and living a purposeful, fulfilling life

Author: Michael Holbrook

Publisher: GardiBrook Publishing

Publication Date: April 6, 2015

Print Length: 340 Pages

About the Author
Michael Holbrook is an experienced, insightful, award-winning author who has written professionally since 1981. During this time, his articles, features, and essays have appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, and professional journals worldwide.

"Expect a Positive and Exciting Life and Commit To it"
This book includes a series of one to two page essays about life and how to live it. Each essay ends with a quotation that complements the text of the essay.

This book provides sound advice on how to survive and thrive in the game of life. Here is one of my favorite quotations;
Make informed decisions, being cognizant that life is pliable. And when you make a significant life choice, sleep well knowing you made the best decision you could with the information you had. Life is a continuous series of decisions, opportunities, challenges, and choices. Remember...contentment can include letting go of the past and looking forward to a magnificent future.

My Thoughts
This is the kind of book you can skip around in and read at your leisure. I read it all the way through and will probably go back to the beginning and start again. The author shows insight and sensitivity as he writes about some of life's most challenging situations.

Each essay is independent and stands on it's own merit. However, the essays come together to create a cohesive unit that presents an organized and impressive volume.

I read this book during the weeks that I was preparing to participate in my sister's bone marrow transplant. I found the words in this book very comforting and some segments seemed to be written directly to me and my situation.

Good common sense mixed with inspiration and insight equals a rewarding reading experience! Highly recommended!

FYI ~ I borrowed this book with my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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