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Book Review: Crowdfunding - Put the Fun Into Funding and Get the Money You Need by Zynnia Jezek

One Word Book Review: ENTHUSIASM

 Crowdfunding: Put the Fun Into Funding And Get The Money You Need: How A Little Girl Raised Over $7k In Four Days On IndieGoGo (Distinct Press Young Entrepreneurs Series)

Author: Zynnia Jezek

Publisher: Distinct Press

Publication Date: December 27, 2014

Print Length: 130 Pages

An 11-Year-Old Girl With A Big Dream
Zynnia Jezek, at the age of 11-years-old, designed a successful crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo to provide funds for a trip from Florida to the Awesomeness Fest in Hawaii. This event is billed as the ultimate transformational experience for entrepreneurs. Zynnia believed this could be a life-changing event for she and her familly.

The problem was, they did not have the money needed to make the trip.

Zynnia and her sister created an IndieGoGo campaingn called "4 Day Awesomeness Fest Test" and made $6, 475.

This book tells exactly what Zynnia did to make her dream come true.

My Thoughts
I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and excitement depicted in this ebook. The young author/entrepreneur describes a real-life behind the scenes look at a successful  IndieGoGo campaign.  

This is not a primer or resource guide for designing a crowd funding campaign. It is a memoir of one girl's experience and how it changed her life.

The author provides screen shots of a series of PowerPoint slides that were used to promote and publicize this campaign. These slides were designed by Zynnia's sister and are quite creative. I think viewing these promotional slides make this book a relevant selection for anyone thinking about running a crowd funding campaign.

The editing and formatting are rough in places, but the content is informative and impressive. Kudos to Zynnia for a great effort. She proves that most anything is possible with determination and a little help from family and friends.

I predict this young lady has a very bright future!

My Rating: 4 Stars Out Of 5

FYI ~ I purchased this digital book with my Kindle Unlimited membership on Amazon.Com.

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