Thursday, May 2, 2013

Book Review: Live To Write Another Day by Dean Orion

Live To Write Another Day, A Survival Guide for Screenwriters and Creative Storytellers

Author: Dean Orion

Publisher: Sky Feather Media

Date: March 5, 2013

About The Author
Dean Orion began his career as a professional writer by crafting copy for a local ad agency in his native Long Island by day and hopping trains to New York City, where his first play was produced by night. After moving to Los Angeles in 1988 to attend The American Film Institute, he embarked on a very eclectic career in the entertainment industry, writing for both traditional and interactive media. Orion's unique background has also led him into the world of themed entertainment, where he has worked for many years as a writer, show producer and creative director at Walt Disney Imagineering.

The Writer Gene
If you are a person who is driven to tell stories with words, then you have the writer gene. Mr. Orion shares his techniques, thoughts and emotions that have evolved from 25 years of professional writing. This book is for all who have the "writer gene".

What About Writer's Block?
Dean Orion says there is no such thing as "writer's block". He believes that it is just a panic or overwhelming feeling that the answer will never come. He explains that a writer must develop a writing process that will give him the confidence and the fortitude to face this fear when it comes.
"All original stories exist in a perfect state as thought forms that are separate from you. Listen and tune them in like a radio signal."
Mr. Orion provides a detailed explanation of the writing process that he uses. He tells how he does research, takes notes, develops an outline, writes the first draft, receives input from other writers, makes revisions and finishes the story.

He gives valuable advice on how to get paid for writing. He shares many insider's tips that will be helpful to aspiring writers. He encourages writers to connect with other writers to exchange ideas and techniques.
Is it easy to be a professional writer? No, it is not easy but Mr. Orion tells writers that their voice is worthy of being heard, and the fight to make it heard is never in vain.

My Thoughts
This is a very informative book for anyone who is interested in writing. It is educational, motivational and inspirational. The author uses his writing skills to convey his passion for the craft of writing and to inspire and encourage others to use their "writer gene" to the best of their ability.

Mr. Orion is very candid in explaining the process that he uses when working on a writing project. He holds nothing back...if you want to be a better writer I am sure you will benefit from this book.

The author adds a bonus section to the book that details his thoughts on "interactive media and the future of storytelling". He shares his experiences writing for video game developers and the Walt Disney Company.

"Live to Write Another Day" is a real treasure for writers and everyone interested in the written word. This book is a survival guide for writers and an example of what excellent writing looks like. Highly recommended.

My Rating: 5 STARS OUT OF 5

FYI ~ I received a complimentary digital copy of this book to review from NetGalley.

Will you live to write another day? Please share you thoughts in the Comments Section below.

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