Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Book Review: Webinar Manifesto; Never Design, Deliver Or Sell Lousy Webinars Again

Webinar Manifesto: Never design, deliver, or sell lousy webinars again

Authors: Matthew Murdoch and Treion Muller

Publisher: FranklinCovey Publishing

Date: October 8, 2012

About The Author
As FranklinCovey’s Global Director of Online Learning, Matthew Murdoch has worked with clients around the globe.
Treion Muller is an author, blended learning authority, social learning expert, and eLearning thought leader.

Declaring War on Bad Webinars!
A "webinar" is defined as a seminar or other presentation that takes place on the Internet, allowing participants in different locations to see and hear the presenter, ask questions, and sometimes answer polls.  (Dictionary.Com)

This book is designed for HR professionals, trainers, instructional designers, marketers, salespeople and anyone who is interested in teaching, educating and training.

The authors present the following seven principles to help you captivate your audience, push the limits of your technology, and transform webinar design and delivery:

  • Connect or Die
  • Don't Default
  • Shut Down the Ugly
  • Captivate or Alienate
  • Humanize the Screen
  • Crack the Feedback Code
  • Cage the Monsters
Webinar Manifesto offers fresh insight and practical tips on designing, delivering and evaluating online learning experiences.

My Thoughts
Webinars offer students an opportunity to learn and interact with others in the comfort of their home. There will be continued demand for high-quality educational opportunities that are delivered on the Internet.

This book was written by experts in the field of online learning and instructional technology. They have worked with thousands of individuals and companies in a quest to design a webinar that meets the needs of online students.

I think the information in this book could be used to improve the quality of face-to-face presentations as well as online sessions. The authors are passionate about making their lessons relevant, interesting and interactive.

This book includes an abundance of fun graphics that make it an easy and pleasant reading experience. The book can be read in one sitting but the information should be studied and applied to your projects.

The authors offer their readers a free audio recording of 2 chapters of their first book "The Learning eXPLOSION" and The Webinar Manifesto poster.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in transforming your presentations into effective, efficient and productive learning tools.

My Rating: 5 Stars Out Of 5

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