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Book Review: Walking, Living, Learning! by Al Argo

Walking, Living, Learning! An Adventure In Personal And Professional Development

1 Man - 1 Year - 5 Countries - 66 Books - 1,000 Miles
1,000+ Life Lessons

Author: Al Argo

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Date: July 17, 2011

About The Author
Al Argo, The Positive Impact Coach, is a personal and professional development expert, author & speaker. His Bachelor of Arts is in Advertising/Marketing from the University of Alabama and he has completed numerous courses in leadership, cross-cultural communications, business, personal development & more.

Exercise For The Body And The Mind

"An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day." - Henry David Thoreau
Al Argo believes that exercise is important for the body and the mind. In this book, he documents one year of walking 60 minutes a day and listening to audio books.

This book has 365 short for each day of the year. Mr. Argo describes the neighborhood where he is walking, the name of the book that he is listening to and a summary of the book.

Some of the books that he listens to during his year of walking/listening are;
  • Brain Rules by John Medina
  • Position Yourself For Success by Nido Qubein
  • Getting Things Done by David Allen
  • Flawless Consulting by Peter Block
  • How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • My Father, Maker Of The Trees by Eric Irivuzumugabe
  • How To Win Customers and Keep Them For Life by Dr. Michael LeBoeuf
  • What Makes An Effective Executive by Peter Drucker
  • The Magic Of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwartz
  • Loving Your Child Is Not Enough by Nancy Samalin
Mr Argo chose books that would improve his skills as a business owner, a parent and an individual.

My Thoughts
The title of this book just jumped off the page at me because I am an avid walker, reader and lifelong learner. I could truly relate to Mr. Argo's "Walking, Living, Learning" project.

Research shows that walking is one of the best ways to exercise the body and keep the brain alert and healthy. Mr. Argo's goal of listening to audio books and walking 60 minutes a day was an excellent way to develop a habit that will serve him well for the rest of his life.

When I worked as an elementary school librarian, the skill of summarizing reading material was taught at all grade levels. I think the ability to summarize a report/book/article is not only a learned skill but also a special talent. Mr. Argo did a great job picking out the most important points in his books and sharing his thoughts and insights.

I may never have the opportunity to read the 66 books that the author read, but I now have a general understanding about the key concepts that are covered. 

"Walking, Living, Learning!" is a no-frills book that provides "just the facts" about a nice selection of motivational and inspirational books. This was an inspiring and informative read that might inspire others to put on their walking shoes and attach headphones to their e-reader. Highly recommended!

My Rating: 5 Stars Out Of 5

FYI ~ I received this book as a FREE digital download during a special promotion on Amazon.Com. Please check the price before ordering.

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