Sunday, February 5, 2012

Share Memories With Animoto

Would you like to create a professional quality video slideshow to share with your friends and family?
Animoto lets you organize your photos, add some video clips and top it off with your favorite music. It is very easy to do and you will love the results.
I recently attended my daughter's baby shower and created a slideshow with the photos and video that we took on this special day. I used a brand new Animoto template named "Through the Blossoms" to design the slideshow. I explain exactly how I made the video in the steps below.

How To Made A Video Slideshow With Animoto
(1.) I transferred the pictures that I took at the shower from my digital camera to my computer. I also selected pictures that my daughter took with her camera and copied them from her album on Facebook.
(2.) I saved some of the favorite video clips that I took at the shower with my Flip Mino camera on my computer.
(3.) I went to Animoto and logged into my account. I clicked on the "Create Video" tab.
(4.) I was able to view all the video styles that are available on the site. I chose "Through The Blossoms" for this video.
(5.) I was taken to the screen where I would design the video. I clicked on the "Add Pics and Vids" tab. I uploaded all the photos that I had saved on my computer from my digital camera and the Facebook album. I then uploaded the video clips that I saved on my computer from my Flip Mino video camera. Animoto allows you to use 10-second video clips in your slideshows. You have the option of turning the audio off or leaving it on. I decided to turn the audio off on the video clips.
(6.) Animoto offers a collection of stock photos and video that you can add to your slideshows. I chose several baby photos from their collection to add to my slideshow.
(7.) I clicked on the "Add Text" tab and created several short written messages that I wanted to include in the video. You can drag and drop the text screens to the location you want them in the slideshow.
(8.) I clicked on the "Change Music" tab to select the music that I wanted to complement my photos. This is always the hardest part for me because there are so many selections in the music library. I chose a song named "Golden Days" for this slideshow.
(9.) I clicked the "Advanced Settings" tab to give the slideshow a name and description. There are other options you can use to customize the video to fit your needs.
(10.) I saved my work and then clicked the "Produce Video" tab. I waited a few minutes and it was a done deal. I previewed the video and then upgraded the resolution to 720 HD.
(11.) I exported the video to YouTube and shared it with my friends.

Animoto allows you to open an account and create a 30 second video FREE. Try it today.

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