Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Book Review: Introducing Wizzley.Com

What inspires you?  Would you like to tell the world about your passions and expertise?
"Introducing Wizzley.Com; A New Way of Making Money Online by Writing Articles" by Jill Gains, is an ebook that instructs users on how to navigate and benefit from the Wizzley.Com site.

What is Wizzley?
Wizzley.Com is a content and blogging platform that allows you to publish your articles online and earn advertisement and affiliate revenue from them. As an author, you can write articles on a variety of topics and upload them on this site. By promoting these articles on social networking sites, you can increase the page views for your articles, which converts directly to more revenue for you.

Authors on Wizzley receive the following benefits;

  • a professional and attractive environment for their articles.
  • several different avenues for making money or donating to charity.
  • many useful modules to create unique and useful articles.
  • personal attention and assistance from dedicated moderators and the Wizzley team.
  • a friendly and supportive community of peers.

  • Wizzley was launched in May, 2011, making it one of the newest content publishing sites on the Internet. It was created by some of the leading lensmasters at Squidoo, who came together to create a site that would help writers to earn more revenue from their content.

    My Thoughts
    I was not familiar with Wizzley.Com before I read this ebook. I was curious about this site because I know that article marketing is a very popular and profitable way to do business on the Internet.

    Ms. Gains explains exactly what Wizzley is and the benefits of using this site instead of other content publishing sites. She explains how to register with the site and how to open an author's account. She provides detailed information about how to set up your profile.

    The author explains how to create pages on Wizzley and how to add your content. She explains all the different modules that you can use to make your content more interesting and more profitable. She provides a detailed explanation about the affiliate programs you can use on Wizzley and how you can maximize your profits.

    I am very impressed with the Wizzley site and I think Ms. Gains has done an excellent job putting together a detailed "how-to" manual. This ebook will help you get your first article published on Wizzley with a minimum amount of time and energy.

    My Rating: 5 Stars out of 5

    DYI ~ I ordered this ebook from Amazon.Com when it was offered as a free digital download. Please check the price before ordering.
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