Saturday, September 3, 2011

Book Review: The Story Of Solomon Bear

This is a story of the unconditional love between a girl and her teddy bear. "The Story of Solomon Bear", by Phillip Laird, is a poignant children's story about an unloved little girl who found acceptance and love from her beloved bear.
Solomon Bear displays boldness and courage when he is separated from the girl and seeks to find her with all his heart. He receives help from some unexpected places but his quest is not an easy one. This ebook will touch the hearts of both children and adults.
A Girl And Her Bear
We don't know the Girl's name. All we know is that her lonely family has almost forgotten the magic of loving. The Girl named her special stuffed toy "Solomon Bear" and they have been together as long as anyone can remember. Solomon is the Girl's closet companion. Girl and Bear promise each other that they will always keep their love alive. This beautiful passage illustrates how Solomon feels about the Girl;
"All he knew was that when she held him, there was nowhere else he would rather be. All uncertainty about who he was would melt away, and everything would become bright and clear and beautiful again for him, when he remembered that loving her was his greatest reason for being."
Unfortunately,  the Girl's stepmother decides that the teddy bear must go. The Girl is too old to be spending so much time with a "lifeless toy".  The Girl vehemently protests and goes running out the door into the forest. She does not come back for a very long time. Solomon grieves the Girl's absence and even questions his own ability to love. He wonders if he really is just a "lifeless toy"? He soon determines that he MUST plan a way to find the Girl.
He receives advice from the other toys to help him in his quest. He learns that he has all the qualities and inner resources that he needs to go out into the world and search for his missing loved one. His determination grows stronger with each toy that he talks to. He learns to believe in himself and the power of love. Solomon never gives up hope until he is back in the arms of the Girl he loves.

My Thoughts
This is a beautiful story about the bond between a child and a toy. It is written in the tradition of The Velveteen Rabbit and The Little Prince. The story is approximately 9000 words long (50 pages) and is recommended for ages five and up. The ebook is not illustrated with pictures but it is illustrated with poetic words and prose.
I found this story very touching and tender. It is about the power of love and everything that goes with it. We learn that love is not easy and difficulties are sure to come. Love is what life is all about. Love never ends.
I recommend this book to children of all ages. It reminds me that a child's love is so very special. This book holds valuable lessons for all of us.

"The Story of Solomon Bear" is available in ebook format at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

Disclosure: The author sent me a complimentary digital copy of this book to read and review.

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