Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Review: The Kaizen Plan For Healthy Eating

"The Kaizen Plan for Healthy Eating; Take Control of Your Diet 10 Minutes at a Time", by Lynn Johnston, will teach you how to gradually add healthy foods to your diet.
"Kaizen" is a Japanese word meaning "continuous improvement" and it is used in the business world to describe the approach of accomplishing things by making a series of small, simple changes that result in gradual improvement.

About The Author
Lynn Johnston blogs about how to take control of your life 10 minutes at a time using the Kaizen approach. She's the author of "The Kaizen Plan for Decluttering Your Computer" and "The Kaizen Plan for Healthy Eating". Lynn lives in central Texas with her husband. Her hobbies include reading, writing speculative fiction, and gardening.

Baby Steps To Better Health
Lynn Johnston experienced a health crises that motivated her to search for information about good nutrition and healthy living. After several years of pain and undiagnosed symptoms, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She was told that there was no cure for fibromyalgia and she would need to take antidepressants and painkillers for the rest of her life. Lynn did extensive research on treatments and holistic antidotes for her condition. She was especially interested in ways to improve her eating habits. After four years of slowly improving her diet, Ms. Johnston reached a point where she didn't have any symptoms of fibromyalgia at all.

The Kaizen Plan is a set of small doable steps taken one at a time. Each step addresses some aspect of the problem you want to solve or the goal you want to achieve. Each small step you take reinforces the others, so life gets better faster than you would expect.

Ms. Johnston offers the following tips for gradually improving your diet;
  • Simple methods for making the foods you are already eating more nutritious.
  • Tricks for sneaking more fruits and vegetables into your diet.
  • Take five deep breaths before each meal to improve your digestive system.
  • How to treat your vegephobia.
  • New ways to prepare your vegetables.
  • Drink more water.
The principles in this book can be applied to achieving any goal. Start with small changes and build on those. You will not be overwhelmed and tempted to give up.

My Thoughts
This 61-page ebook provides some helpful information on making changes in your life. We have all started on a new diet, exercise program or financial budget and ended up becoming frustrated and defeated. Change is difficult.
This book suggests no radical changes, no throwing away half the food in your cupboards, no sugar withdrawal. You'll create a flexible, personalized plan that gently eases you into better eating habits.
I am reminded of the old saying, "Mile by mile, life's a trial. Yard by yard, life is hard. But inch by inch, life's a cinch!"

This ebook is available at Amazon, Apple/iTunes, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. The price is $0.99. This ebook offers some valuable information for a very reasonable price.

I am very impressed with Lynn Johnston's blog; The Kaizen Plan; Take Control of Your Life 10 Minutes at a Time. 

Disclosure: Lynn Johnston sent me a complimentary digital copy of this book to read and review.

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