Thursday, August 11, 2011

Book Review: Best Friends With Anabella

Dr. Nev Nickelz (author) and Mariah Grace (illustrator) have written a new ebook for children. Best Friends with Anabella (I Love Anabella) is a charming picture book about a little girl who can't stop giggling. The girls learn that it is better to laugh together than to be the target of a friend's joke. This is the second book in a series about Anabella and her friends.

About The Author
Dr. Nev is a full-time professor, wife, and daughter. She enjoys giggling, hulahooping, and writing.

It Isn't Funny!
Imani thinks it is too quiet when Anabella is not giggling. So....Anabella starts to giggle at Imani's very red cheeks.
"Did a woodpecker
peck your freckles with his beak
or did you squish a tomato
all over your cheeks?"
Imani is embarrassed because Anabella is giggling at her red cheeks. She did not intend for Anabella to laugh at her, so she becomes angry and commands Anabella to stop giggling. The angrier Imani becomes, the more Anabella giggles. Imani speaks angrily at Anabella and announces that she will no longer be her best friend.
Anabella said that she could stop giggling if Imani would be her very best friend. The girls find something that they both think is very funny. They decide that they will be best friends again because they love to giggle together

My Thoughts
I read this book on my Kindle and then I read it on my Kindle for PC application so that I could see the color pictures. This is a cute rhyming story with delightful color illustrations. Anabella loves to giggle but gets in trouble when she laughs at her friend's red cheeks.
Young readers should be encouraged to think about the reasons why Imani would be angry. How does it feel when others are laughing at you? Why didn't Imani think her red cheeks were funny?
It is much better to laugh together than to be the target of a friend's joke. Happily, the girls find something they can both giggle about and remain best friends.
Here is another Anabella story by Dr. Nev that I reviewed a few months ago;
Anabella Giggles All Night! (Volume 1)

Disclosure: The author sent me a complimentary digital copy of this book to read and review.
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