Friday, August 12, 2011

New Digital Book Bloggers Directory

Do you use an eReader to receive books to review on your blog? Are you always looking for new books to read and review? Are you hooked on your Kindle or Nook?

I am setting up a new digital book bloggers directory that will feature book bloggers who PREFER to receive their review books in digital format. This directory will help authors connect with bloggers who are interested in reading and reviewing ebooks.

BOOK BLOGGERS ~ Get the word out about your blog!
This directory will help book bloggers connect with authors and readers who are interested in book reviews. Please check the following points before you submit your blog;
  • Your blog should be mostly about books and reading. I will visit your blog before I add it to the directory. If I have any questions about the content of your blog, I will contact you.
  • I am asking you to post the URL to the Home page of your blog. Please be sure to have a "Review Policy" on your blog so that an author will be able to learn more about the kinds of books that your review.
  • Your links will be posted in the directory on a first-come basis. The first link I receive will be at the top of the list.
  • You do not have to be a "digital-only" reviewer to be included in this directory. This will be a list of bloggers who "encourage" authors to send books in digital formats.
  • The "Digital Book Bloggers Directory" will be a separate page on this blog. I will frequently post links to this directory on Twitter and other social media sites. I encourage you to help me pass the word among your favorite book bloggers.

I Am Hooked On My Kindle Because....
I received my Kindle as a gift almost one year ago. I can honestly say that I am hooked on my Kindle! I can't compare the Kindle to other eReaders because I have never used another product. I can only tell you that I am very, very pleased with the Kindle.
  • I now receive 90% of the books that I review on this blog in digital format. I sometimes have a book read and the review posted in less time than it would take an author to send me a print copy in the mail.
  • I find that I no longer have stacks of review books that I don't know what to do with. I have about 700 books on my Kindle and it takes up less space than a single print book.
  • I like to think that I am making it a little easier for independent authors to send me a review book without incurring the cost of shipping me a print book.
  • It is easy to add highlights and notes with the Kindle. I always hated to mark in print books. I can now review all the key passages and notes that I made before I write the review.

    Please add a link to your book blog in the Inlinkz widget. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the Comments Section below.

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