Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rave Reviews For Lift Up Your Eyes

I recently wrote a review for Lift Up Your Eyes (Devotions For Everyday Of The Year) by Rev. Clyde E. Nichols.  This book is inspirational, motivational and will lead you to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.
Today, I would like to share the views and reviews of other people who have read this book. These reviews reflect the true value that is evident in this book.

"This book belongs on your coffee table or your night stand. Read it first as a cover-to-cover excursion and then read it during your daily devotions. It will bless and enrich your life." Temple Daily Telegram

Many times Christians living in 2011 feel frustrated and downhearted because we fall far short of living our lives as Christ intended. "Lift Up Your Eyes" by Rev. Clyde E. Nichols fills the reader with hope and encouragement. Each devotional gives us a scripture and then suggests simple ways to apply its meaning to our relationships at home, in the workplace and while we go about our daily responsibilities. The readings are enlightening, uplifting and in some cases very humbling! What a great way to start our morning or to give us a "lift" during the day when we need one. But be warned, reading the devotionals in "Lift Up Your Eyes" is like eating potato's hard to stop at reading just one!  Brenda Petillo

Rev. Nichols recently received the following email from Jim Gentil;

I received your book and am truly grateful for you including me as someone to write a review. You will be the featured person in the next Positive Spiritual Living newsletter. In addition to sharing one of your articles, I will be including info about your background, telling people they are lucky to be able to purchase such a wonderful book. I'm going to read as much as possible so people will know that my recommendation come from my heart.
I feel truly blessed to have this book in my home.
God bless both you and Marianne- Jim
"Clyde Nichols is an insightful student of the human heart. He loves God, and God's love shines through Clyde's writings. But more than that, he does something I think more difficult: he loves people. Using wonderful stories, humor Scripture and anecdotes, he speaks to the real life situations we all confront and helps us do a better job of meeting them. You will enjoy this book! And, as you read the devotions over the year, you will find yourself becoming more fully the person you most want to be."  Dr. Steve Wende, Senior Minister - First Methodist Church, Houston

The columns of Rev. Clyde Nichol's published weekly by the Temple Daily Telegram are eagerly awaited by his readers. Now many others have the opportunity to experience his engaging thoughts and stories in "Lift Up Your Eyes". His devotions combine things he sees, things he reads, and things that come from prayerful thoughts. He remembers these experiences and stands them up close by the good news of Jesus and the love of God in wondrous ways. Read his book in your daily devotions. Or when you are frustrated, just take up the book, open it anywhere, and let it touch and help you.   Joseph R. Jeter, Jr.  -  Emeritus Professor, Brite Divinity School
Have you ordered a copy of Lift Up Your Eyes? I promise this book will bless you!
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