Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Be Social Be Rich

I recently received a digital review copy of "Be Social Be Rich: Social Networking Your Way to Endless Profits!", by Martha Giffen, to read and review on this blog. I am always looking for new books on the subject of social media marketing so I was thrilled to have this opportunity.
Martha Giffen is CEO of Best Kind Marketing, LLC. She has built a successful business using social networking to connect with people "one person at a time." She has co-authored a best-selling book, produced a popular Twitter training program, created motivational audios, and been featured on numerous talk radio shows. I met Martha during one of the Ultimate Blog Challenges and I have been a fan ever since. She blogs about methods and techniques to help entrepreneurs build thier own online businesses.

Martha Giffen loves people and she understands the power of building relationships. In Be Social Be Rich: Social Networking Your Way to Endless Profits!, she shares the experiences that have helped her build a successful business. Martha is a Twitter Guru and she explains many methods that have helped her meet people, build relationships and get clients. She has used a personal page and fan page to network with hundreds of people on Facebook
Mrs. Giffen explains how to use LinkedIn as a business networking tool. She explains that the profile is very important and is the basis for connecting with other people in your niche. Martha reveals some of her blogging secrets in the chapter on blogging. She explains that blogging is social because sucessful bloggers connect and interact with their readers.
I really enjoyed the chapter entitled, "Secrets of Seminar Networking". I have never attended an internet marketing seminar so I was very interested in this topic. Martha tells how she has met some very influential internet marketers by attending seminars. She explains how she has met many seminar speakers and presenters during after-hours meals and gatherings.
Mrs. Giffen included informative articles by Warren Whitlock, Dabney Porte, and Christina Hills to add more value to this virtual gold mine of social media information.

I REALLY like this book because....
it provides the "total picture" of what is needed to thrive and succeed in the world of social media marketing. Mrs. Giffen makes it very clear that building relationships must always come before the sales pitch. This means getting out of your comfort zone and reaching out to people.
This book will inspire and motivate you. I have a feeling that Martha will touch your heart just like she did mine. I learned that "being social" can lead to financial riches but more importantly, it will provide opportunities to develop relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Be Social Be Rich: Social Networking Your Way to Endless Profits! is now available in paperback version at Amazon.com. The Kindle version will be available soon.

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