Friday, February 11, 2011

How To Believe In Love Again

It will soon be Valentine's Day and love is in the air. Unfortunately, many people have given up on love and the hope of finding that special person to share their lives with. Laura Lee Carter, the Midlife Crisis Queen, has written a new book about believing in love again....after divorce and well into the midlife years.  How To Believe In Love Again; Opening To Forgiveness, Trust and Your Own Inner Wisdom is based on experiences from the author's professional and personal life.
In 2004, the author found her long-time career as a librarian coming to an end.  She was 49 years old and divorced with no children.  She had a graduate degree in counseling psychology, so she decided to start a professional matchmaking service.  She interviewed hundreds of midle-aged singles who came to her service looking for love.  The problem was, most of these people were putting all their focus on finding the perfect date instead of working on themselves and their attitudes toward love. 
Ms. Carter has written an inspiring book about how to clear your mind of the negativity that you have toward love and being loved.  She asks readers to take a "Love Quiz" in the first chapter to better understand why it is necessary to adjust our thoughts and attitudes toward finding a love partner.  She emphasizes that self-love is the first step towards believing in love again.  We must all find that self-loving place inside before we begin to bring others into our life.  Emotional and spiritual healing is needed before we can believe in love again.

The author gives many practical ways to go about healing. She tells about her own journey to find self-love and self-acceptance.  She expains that journaling, positive affirmations, reading books, watching movies with positive messages about love and listening to music are all ways to increase self-esteem.  The important thing is to spend time alone and really get to know yourself.  The author asked, "Are you the kind of person that you would want to be married to?"
Ms. Carter provides another quiz at the end of the book, "Have Your Beliefs About Love Changed?"  Yes, I think my thoughts about love have changed since reading this book. 
This book is not just for middle-aged singles who have given up on love.  I married my soul mate almost 20 years ago but still found a wealth of useful information in this book.  Yes, even married people have a need to believe in love again. 
There is an awesome list of books in the Bibliography of this book.  I would love to read every book on the list.  The author has made a YouTube video to promote this book. The book is available from Amazon.Com in both paperback and Kindle edition.
I would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!  It is never too late to believe in love.

Disclosure:  The author provided me with a free digital copy of this book to read and review.


Yvonne A Jones said...

This is a really great review, and I also found it especially interesting because of something I heard on the radio this morning. The Announcer quoted some stats that said dog owners touched their dogs a lot more than they touch their spouse! Sad, isn't it?

Whether one is married or single we all need to revisit what attracted us to the person at the beginning and if the spark is gone, work at recreating that spark. Thanks for a great review. It makes me want to read the book:)

Sharon Henning said...

Good review! This sounds like an interesting book that I need to consider buying.

Hajra said...

For a "disbeliever" like me I need to get hold of this book quick!

Janette Fuller said...

Hajra, You are way too young to give up on love.
Thank you for the kind comments, Yvonne & Sharon!

Leona said...

Interesting book. Even though I've been married for almost 15 years I may grab this for myself! Thanks!

Charlene said...

Excellent review!

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