Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day, Sweet Babboo!

Valentine's Day will soon be here and Sally is eagerly waiting for a valentine from Linus, her "Sweet Babboo."  Sally is in LOVE.  Unfortunately, Linus does not feel the same way about Sally.  When Valentine's Day arrives, Sally is heart-broken.  She is furious with Linus for not sending her a gift or a card.  Sally is so upset that she convinces her older brother, Charlie Brown, to go find Linus and punch him in the nose!
Linus explains to Charlie Brown that he was not Sally's "Sweet Babboo" and that he never planned to send her a valentine.  It was all in her imagination.  It seems like things never turn out as planned when Charlie Brown gets involved.  This story has a hilarious surprise ending that children will love.
I believe parents and teachers could use this book to discuss some very important issues with children.  Here are some questions that you could use with the story;
  • Does anyone call you by a special nickname or term of endearment?  What does this mean to you?
  • Was Sally really in love with Linus?  How do people treat each other when they are really in love?
  • How did Sally react when she did not receive a valentine from Linus?  Is this the correct way to respond to disappointment?
  • Do you think Charlie Brown should have gotten involved in this situation?
  • Why did Charlie Brown want to avoid hitting Linus?
  • How would Sally react if she found out that Charlie Brown did not punch Linus in the nose?
  • What happened when Charlie Brown tried to do the right thing?
This is not a new book.  It has a 1997 copyright date and I found this hardback copy in a thrift shop.  I think children will always love Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang.  This book is a Valentine's Day winner!


Hajra said...

Hi Janette,

This is a really great way to help children learn about the expression of love. Peanuts was always a great read and you have just pointed out some very interesting points!!

Great connecting with you from the TLC!

Melanie Kissell said...

I always loved ANYTHING "Charlie Brown" when I was young. And my oldest daughters waited, anxiously, every year to watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas" on T.V.

I really like the list of questions you've compiled, Janette -- ones that can touch a chord and serve as great life lessons.

One of the best book reviews I've read in a long time. :)

Maureen Hunter said...

I'll never look at Charlie Brown the same way again, what a great way to look at a story. Out of something so simple you have given us so much to think on...could make a great book club discussion.
Thanks Janette

Leanne Chesser said...

Hi, Janette! What a great post. The book sounds both adorable and educational. I love how you've suggested questions for discussion with kids!

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