Saturday, February 5, 2011

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Have you ever heard the old saying, "Let sleeping dogs lie"?  This proverb means for one to not disrupt a situation that is going well as it will lead to problems.
If that metaphorical dog is just laying there asleep, leave him be. Don't go messing with him or he might wake up and bite you. Of course if the dog is lying on a memory foam dog bed, he might not be bothered to wake up anyway.
My dog Junior was born deaf.  This video shows what happened when I tried to wake him up.  He was sleeping on his memory foam dog bed and he was not about to wake up.  If I really want to wake him up I usually use one of the following methods;
  • I gently touch him on the head or move his kennel.  It is not good to startle a sleeping dog so this method should be done with an easy touch.
  • This is really funny.  I tell the other dogs to go wake up Junior and they run over and bark in his face.  They understand that Junior is different and they always wake him up when something is going on.
Junior is ten years old and I have had him since September, 2001.  I use hand signals to communicate with him.  He has been an excellent pet and companion. 

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