Monday, January 31, 2011

Book Review: Social Media For The CEO

I recently read Social Media for the CEO: The Why and ROI of Social Media for the CEO of Today and Tomorrow by Eve Mayer Orsburn.  I read this book in digital format on my Kindle.  I borrowed the book from a fellow member of the Kindle Lending Club. 
Ms. Orsburn is the founder and CEO of Social Media Delivered in Dallas, Texas.  This book provides an abundance of information for the CEO who is interested in promoting his/her business.  You are not a CEO?  The good news is that this book will benefit anyone who wants to learn more about social media marketing. 
Ms. Orsburn emphasizes that social media is about communication and building relationships.  Social media delivers (1) customer service, (2) marketing and (3) communication.  It is as simple as that. 
The author provides 14 case studies of companies that use social media to build their client base and grow their businesses.  Some of these companies are the Mayo Clinic, Anheuser-Busch, Texas State Optical and General Motors.  Ms. Orsburn explains how she built her reputation as a social media consultant on Linked-In. 
I found the author's "Social Media Equation" the highlight of this book.  She breaks down the amount of time that you should spend in providing information, entertaining and interacting with people that you connect with on social media sites.  If you follow this formula, you will reap the rewards of new friendships, professional contacts and clients.  I am going to write this formula on a piece of paper and tape it to my desk. 
This book is a quick read and is very easy to understand.  The concepts that are presented in this book are very doable.  I have read quite a few books on this subject and I honestly believe that I learned more practical information from this book than from any other. 
PS: The last pages of this book lists hundreds (thousands?) of Twitter names that the author follows.  I found this list fascinating and I am using it to find many new people to follow.


Martha Giffen said...

Thanks for the heads up on this book! I am an avid reader and am always looking for new books for my biz library. Of course, they are now mostly downloaded on my Kindle. Gotta love that Kindle :)

Sharon Henning said...

Good review! I need to get this book. I guess I also need to figure out how to use twitter.

Man of la Books said...

Good review. I'm just getting my feet wet in the blogging world and social media. This certainly sounds like an interesting book.

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