Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Kindle 3

Several weeks ago my husband surprised me with a new Kindle 3 book reader.  I had been hinting for a long time, but I was totally surprised when he brought it home.  I had been using the Kindle for PC application for about six months and really liked it.  The only problem is that I couldn't stick my laptop computer in my purse and take my books with me everywhere I went.
Well, I have a Kindle now and I can take my books everywhere I go.  I am sure there are many things that this little gadget will do that I have not yet discovered but I will tell you the six things I love about my Kindle;

(1) I have access to over 700,000 thousand books from the Amazon web site. 

(2)  There are dozens of Kindle books available free of charge.  Some of these books are the public domain books, but many modern authors are also allowing their new books to be downloaded free for a limited time.  I belong to a couple of Facebook groups that feature free Kindle books each day.

(3)  It is very fast.  When I choose a book, it takes about 30 seconds for the name of the book to appear on my Kindle.  I can choose a brand new book and be reading it the same day that it is released by the publisher.  I can also pre-order books so they will arrive on my Kindle on the release date.

(4) I really like the way I can highlight key passages and add notes to my books as I read them.  The really cool thing about the highlighting feature is that I can see the passages that other people have highlighted. 

(5)  With the wi-fi feature, I can highlight passages in my book and post them on Twitter or Facebook.  Honestly, I have not used my Kindle very much to post on the web.  I have been too busy reading my books.

(6)  The Kindle books are reasonably priced.  Most of the books are $9.99 or less and I am not charged sales tax. I don't have books piling up all over my house ~ My husband is happy about that !

I love to read books and write book reviews.  The Kindle is making the task of finding good books so much easier.  Three cheers for the Kindle!

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Jim Baker said...

I have a kindle too, but did not realize that about highlighting. I have downloaded many of the public domain books, but didn't know about FB groups for the kindle. Thanks for the post.

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