Saturday, June 5, 2010


Is procrastination a problem for you?  It sure is for me.  I hate to think about all my good ideas that I have failed to act on.
The moment you started thinking, little involuntary muscles moved as you thought. But you mustn't let your idea stop with those small, involuntary muscles.
Thought must always lead to action.
You've set yourself a goal—improvement in at least one area. You've written it down. The third and final step is to initiate some action that will set you firmly on the path toward your goal.

Permit yourself no interruptions, no changes, no exceptions in your new pattern. You're building a new you. The time to start is—when? Next month? Next week? Tomorrow? You know better.

If you procrastinate, you may never start. William James, one of the world's greatest psychologists, said it would almost be better never to have an inspiring thought than to have it and fail to act on it. He didn't believe that even attending a concert was worthwhile, if you let the inspiration you got from it evaporate without action.

Inspiration and constructive thoughts must lead to expression. Or else you haven't moved forward to victory. Get moving!


Melanie Kissell said...

Janette ~

Have you met Helen Raptopolous yet? Look her up in the 30-day blogging challenge members list. She's all about taking action.

It's so easy and wonderful to just sit all day and drum up all kinds of lovely and creative ideas. It's even nice to think back on all the lovely ideas you just came up with last week or last month or last year.

But the last I heard, you can't make any money by just coming up with ideas!

Taking action is what will move you forward in life and in business. And you must remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. So it's far better to at least take some tiny actions steps than to do nothing at all. Baby steps will still get you there!


Joyce Hansen said...


Taking action sometimes is the hardest thing to do. Taking action means that change will take place and change can be a fearful thing. Even being successful can have its fears and sometimes failure is a more comfortable place to be. Taking action is the only way things will change and fears will be faced and conquered.

Insightful Nana said...

Along with action... I'd like to add "direction." If you don't have good direction and focus, your actions may be spinning ineffectively.

In an online business, you can be busy all day long and none of your actions have made you a dime. That's when it's time to step back and change directions.


Rob H said...

Yes Action is the only thing that makes a difference. You can have all the planning in the world but unless you act on it, you are just another dreamer.
best wishes
Rob H

Gitie House said...

Hi Janette,

Acting with best intention is the key to creating change and progressing forward.

I think once Sir Edmund Hillary was asked how he managed to climb Mt Everest and he replied, 'By taking one step at a time.'
(I think there may be a few versions of this story.) But the lesson is timeless.


Janette Fuller said...

I want to thank everyone for reading this blog post and adding your comments. I appreciate each one of you!

Rodney Daut said...

Good post. You've got to take action to achieve anything. You've also got to keep taking action despite obstacles and set backs. That's another key-- you must follow through.

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