Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Post Grad - A Movie Review

I recently saw the movie Post Grad and would like to share my thoughts about it. This is a romantic comedy that takes place during the economic recession that we are dealing with right now. Many people should be able to relate to the frustration, anger and even desperation that plagues Ryden Malby, the main character in this movie.

Ryden has done everything right in planning a successful future. She graduates from college with excellent grades and has her heart set on a job as an editor at a big publishing company. She doesn't get her dream job and she soon realizes that she will have to move back home with her eccentric family until she can afford to get a place of her own.

The Malby family is a real hoot. Her father, Walter Malby, is always getting into some kind of hilarious situation. Walter backs over a neighbor's cat and presides over the cat funeral and burial. He also spends a night in jail for buying "hot" belt buckles on eBay and trying to sell them. Ryden's paternal grandmother, Maureen Malby, is a real delight. Maureen is played by Carol Burnett and I have been a Carol Burnett fan for a long, long time.

Ryden goes through several terrible jobs before she is finally hired at the large publishing company that she had her heart set on. She loves her job and finds herself working long hours. The problem is, she also has a guy friend who has been in love with her for years. Ryden does not realize how much she cares about Adam until she loses him. When Adam moves across the country to attend law school at Columbia, Ryden has a decision to make.

Does love trump career? Does Ryden leave her dream job and move to New York to be with Adam? What would you do?

This was an enjoyable movie that has some good laughs and some job searching situations that many people (young and older) can relate to . There are some slow parts during the show where I found myself snoozing off (I do that sometimes when I am sitting in a dark, quiet room.) I was kind of hoping for a different ending for Ryden, but it appears that young women are still willing to give up everything to keep a man. Been there, none that.

MOVIE RATING: 2.5 Stars (Out Of Four Stars)

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