Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Blackberry Diaries - Book Review

"The BlackBerry Diaries; Adventures In Modern Motherhood", by Kathy Buckworth, is a delightful book about the joys and challenges of juggling modern motherhood and operating a piece of sophisticated technology (a BlackBerry Smartphone).

Kathy Buckworth is one of the Mommy Blogger queens. She shares a year-long account of her experiences and adventures with Seamus (her BlackBerry Smartphone) and her four children. This Canadian mom really tells it like it is in a hilarious manner. She learns that toddlers and technology are not really so different. Kathy's brand new BlackBerry Smartphone is just like having another child!

The first chapter/blog post in this book is dated December 25. Kathy receives her new phone on Christmas day and this is what she says about it;

"Today I'm holding a brand spanking new piece of heaven - my very own BlackBerry smartphone! Oh, how I have longed for one. This is the piece of technology that will transform my life".

Kathy's life is indeed transformed by her beloved Seamus. She tells us how she learns to depend on her BlackBerry phone to keep her informed, entertained and on schedule. As a mother and grandmother, I can tell you that Kathy's parenting advice is blunt, hilarious and right on the mark.

There is just one problem. After reading this book, I am also longing for my very own BlackBerry Smartphone. Kathy, you convinced me that this is just what I need. So, here is my letter to Santa - I am putting a BlackBerry Smartphone on the top of my Christmas list!

Dear Santa,
I just read a remarkable book about a mommy blogger who received a BlackBerry Smartphone for Christmas. I have been very good this year and would love to have a BlackBerry for Christmas. I promise to put this phone to good use - I will even give you a buzz at the North Pole!
Your forever friend,

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