Friday, October 10, 2014

Interactive Tour of Sam Houston Memorial Museum

This video project was created for the Peer Assignment in the Coursera MOOC "Advanced Instructional Strategies in the Virtual Classroom".

Suggested Audience: 7th Grade Texas History Students

Objectives: (From Texas 7th Grade Social Studies TEKS)
(3) History. The student understands how individuals, events, and issues related to the Texas Revolution shaped the history of Texas. The student is expected to:

(B) explain the roles played by significant individuals during the Texas Revolution, including George Childress, Lorenzo de Zavala, James Fannin, Sam Houston, Antonio López de Santa Anna, Juan N. Seguín, and William B. Travis;

(C) explain the issues surrounding significant events of the Texas Revolution, including the Battle of Gonzales, William B. Travis’s letter “To the People of Texas and All Americans in the World,” the siege of the Alamo and all the heroic defenders who gave their lives there, the Constitutional Convention of 1836, Fannin’s surrender at Goliad, and the Battle of San Jacinto;

Technology: I made this video using Animoto Pro. I added the interactive elements using a Premium Education Thinglink account.

Here is a link to Interactive Tour of Sam Houston Memorial Museum on Thinglink.

Thank you for taking a look at this video. Please share your thoughts in the Comments Section below.

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