Sunday, April 28, 2013

Book Review: God, Hold Me While I Cry by Don Dilmore


Author: Don Dilmore

Publisher: Authorhouse

Date: March 17, 2011

About The Author
Don Dilmore has authored seven books. Mr. Dilmore served in the Merchant Marines in World War II. He graduated from Franklin College where he edited the college newspaper. He then spent 37 years in the life insurance and real estate business. After doing lay-preaching for many years, Mr. Dilmore was ordained as a pastor at age 65. He and his wife live in Montgomery, Texas.

Anna's Story
"This book is dedicated to all those who have suffered hardship, hoping that after you read Anna's story, you will know, without a doubt that if we will ask God to come into our lives, anything is possible. His love will overcome any handicap, hardship or disappointment". 
Mr. Don Dilmore tells how God used many people to help Anna Lybarger through one desperate situation after another as she was raised in Nazi Germany during World War II.

Anna married an American GI and moved to the United States but discovered that her husband had a serious drinking problem. She took her children and divorced her husband but was soon involved in another abusive relationship.

Anna eventually met and married Herschel Lybarger. He was a good man and provided a stable home for Anna and her children. Anna and Herschel had a son who was brain-damaged and suffered serious mental and physical challenges. Anna trusted God to help them conquer adversity and hardship.

Anna's story is about hope and faith in God. God was always with her. He answered her prayers and brought peace and love into her life.

My Thoughts
I met Mr. Dilmore at a Christmas Market at my church. I enjoyed visiting with him and purchased this book from him. I picked up this book last week and read the entire volume in a couple of days.

I found Anna's story very interesting and inspiring. My family came to the United States from Germany in the early 1900s so I was fascinated with the details about her life in Germany.

I enjoyed reading about a woman who lives in a neighboring town and learning some local history along the way. Mrs. Lybarger's Christian testimony left a deep impression on me.

This story is about faith, hope and love. If you are going through a difficult time, this book will encourage and inspire you.  Mr. Dilmore did a good job sharing this story.

My Rating: 4 STARS OUT OF 5

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