Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Don't Mash Your Banana In My Book!

I thought I would do something different today.

When I worked as a school librarian, I was always teaching the students how to take care of their books. I told them it was very important to keep books safe from babies, pets and pens.
One day, I discovered a book had been returned to the library with a banana mashed in the pages. I never solved the "case of the mashed banana" but I wrote this rhyming story about that unforgettable experience.

My little brother took my book,
He hid it in his room.
When I found it on his bed,
I knew that I was doomed.

I slowly turned the pages,
I had a funny feeling.
What I saw made me cry and shake,

I felt my body reeling.

This book came from the library,
My teacher said it was new.
Now I had a big problem,
I didn't know what to do.

I ran to find my mother,
I couldn't think what to say.
She took one look and gave a big sigh,
I knew I would have to pay.

My brother took a banana,
And mashed it in my book.
He thought it was very funny,
He liked the way it looked.

I put the book in a plastic bag,
And carried it under my arm.
I gave the book to my teacher,
And told her I meant no harm.

She slowly opened my library book,
Her face turned ghastly white.
She stared at the mashed banana,

It was an awful sight.

I waited for my teacher to yell or scream,
I didn't know what she would say.
She slowly removed the banana,
And quickly threw it away.

My teacher asked what happened,
"Who did this to your book?"
I told her my little brother,
Just wanted to take a look.

I used the money from my bank,
To pay for the gooey gook.
I just have one thing to say to my brother,
Don't Mash Your Banana In My Book!
Copyright 2013 by Janette Fuller.

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