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Children's Book Review: Penelope Popper Book Doctor

Penelope Popper, Book Doctor

Author: Toni Buzzeo
Illustrator: Jana Christy

Publisher: Upstart Books

Date: March 28, 2011

About The Author
Toni Buzzeo is an author as well as a career library media specialist. She writes picture books for children as well as many professional books and articles and lives on a colonial farm in Maine.

Penelope Popper Wanted To Be A Doctor
Penelope wanted to be a doctor and was always looking for opportunities to practice her doctoring skills. Her friends were tired of having their heartbeats listened to, their blood pressure taken and their reflexes checked.

One day she went to visit Ms. Brisco, the school librarian. Ms. Brisco showed Penelope some books that were "sick" and needed the attention of a book doctor. The librarian taught Penelope how to clean and repair the sick books so that children could read them again.

One of the illustrations in this book show a poster with the following five rules for taking care of books;

1. Wash your hands before reading a book.
2. Turn pages from the upper right-hand corner.
3. Never dog-ear a page.
4. Keep books safe from babies, pets and liquids.
5. Use a shelf marker to hold your spot and then replace books carefully on the shelves.

Penelope was called to perform an emergency "operation" when a huge dictionary fell behind the classroom radiator. She was able to rescue the dictionary and repair the damaged pages.

Penelope was awarded a special badge to wear by her teacher and librarian. The badge said, "Penelope Popper, Book Doctor."

My Thoughts
When I was working as an elementary school librarian, I was always looking for books to help children learn the library rules and how to take care of books. I love to see a book that features a school librarian as the "star" of  the story.

Children need to learn that books are their friends and they must be treated with care. This book will reinforce the library rules that children have learned in the past. The illustrations are bright and colorful and Penelope is sure to be a hit.
A great book for children in early elementary grades.

My Rating: 5 Stars Out Of 5

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