Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Handmade Greeting Card From Upcycled Picture Postcard

I love to look at old picture postcards. I like to look at the pictures and read the descriptions on the back.
If the card was used, I enjoy reading the message and looking at the stamp and post mark. I think there is a great deal of history that can be preserved from old postcards.
I recently bought a lot of old postcards from the early 1900s at a garage sale. Each postcard was stored in a zip-lock baggie. Some of the postcards were damaged and torn but the pieces were saved in the baggies.
This postcard that featured the head of a horse was in five pieces. The largest piece had a tear right through the middle. The date on the back of the card was 1908.  I decided to try to restore the picture and use it for a greeting card.

This is how I made the card;
(1.) I started with a blank kraft cardstock greeting card that measures 5" by 6 1/2".
(2.) I used some Elmer's Craft Bond Rubber Cement to glue the patterned paper and cardboard to the front of the card.
(3.) I carefully applied the rubber cement to the back of the postcard to seal the large tear in the center of the card and a smaller tear on the bottom edge of the card.
(4.) I applied a thin coat of Matte Collage Pauge Decoupage sealer to the front of the card and let it dry.
(5.) I used glue dots to attach the postcard to the front of the greeting card.

This beautiful 1908 horse image will now bring enjoyment to the person who receives this card.

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