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Book Review: The 3 Minute Difference; ALTER Your Health, Money and Relationships

The 3-Minute Difference: ALTER Your Health, Money and Relationships Without Changing Who You Are

Author: Wayne E. Nance
with William Hendricks and J. Keet Lewis

Publisher: Mission Books (July 1, 2012)

About The Author
Wayne E. Nance, better known as the "Real Life Attitude Guy", is the developer of the ABCs of getting your life under control. He is founder and CEO of Real Life Management, Inc. Mr. Nance lives in Texas and is a highly regarded speaker, trainer and author.

The 3-Minute Survey
Each of us is born with an attitude that heavily determines what we focus on in life. Our attitude is inborn and remains substantially unchanged throughout life. Mr. Nance developed a tool to identify a person's core attitude. It is called "The 3 Minute Survey" and it can be taken by filling out a form in the book or online.

This survey reveals what your core attitude is...the way you make health and wellness decisions, money and spending decisions, relationship decisions and many other decisions affecting your lifestyle.

The 3-Minute Survey helps you pinpoint the attitude you have while the book gives you a specific game plan on how you can start achieving the things you want most. This book shows you where to start and then gives you a plan on how to get there.

Mr. Nance suggests the following five steps for ALTERing your attitude;
  • Awareness. Become aware of your attitude (the inborn hard wiring that drives your beliefs and behavior).
  • Learn. Learn as much as you can about your attitude and how it impacts your beliefs and life choices.
  • Tactical Plan. Develop a plan that will address the issues that you need to work on in your life.
  • Execute The Plan. Start working on a daily plan of action for 91 days to improve your life.
  • Re-Evaluate. Review your progress and adjust your goals.
This book is divided into the following three sections;
  • Health and Fitness
  • Financial Fitness
  • Relationship Fitness
The author believes that you can apply the principles in this book to any area of your life that is out of control.

My Thoughts
The author was inspired to develop this program because his own life was out of control. He weighed 315 pounds, he had more than $40,000 in credit card debt and his marriage was in trouble. He realized that obesity, debt and relationship meltdown were surface problems resulting from his core attitudes and beliefs.

I think this book is well researched and much of the information was learned from personal experience and working with others. I took the 3-Minute Survey and learned that my primary attitude is "rational" and my secondary attitude is "tactical". That means that I focus on issues and ideas. I don't mind challenging other people's opinions and I will defend my position quite strongly. "Tactical" means that I am a planner and pay attention to deadlines and details. That is pretty accurate. The funny thing is that my husband had almost the same results...with "tactical" being his primary attitude and "rational" being his secondary attitude.

Mr. Nance has gone to great lengths to provide "plans" for each of the attitude types. Sometimes I got bogged down and it seemed to be "too much information" to digest at one time. I suggest that you determine your attitude type and then pick and choose the information that applies to your situation.

This book is available in paperback, Kindle and audio editions on Amazon.Com.

My Rating: 5 Stars Out Of 5

FYI ~ I received a complimentary paperback copy of this book from B & B Media to read and review. Thank you!

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