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Book Review: Notes to Aspiring Writers; Your Dream, God's Plan

Notes to Aspiring Writers: Your Dream, God's Plan

Author: Brooke McGlothlin

Published: Brooke McGlothlin Media (July 15, 2011) ~ 34 pages 

About The Author
Brooke McGlothlin, MA, is the author of the best-selling ebook "Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need it Most", creator of the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons Challenge and co-founder of the well-loved online community for mothers of boys, the M.O.B. Society.

What Is God's Plan For My Life?
Brooke McGlothlin dreamed of writing a book her entire life. This ebook is a collection of five life lessons she learned as she pursued her dream of being a published author.

The author told of her early blogging experiences of writing and working hard to get an audience to read and comment on her posts. She learned that it is wiser to write for an audience of one...God. She has dedicated every aspect of her writing to Him and seeks guidance in Bible study and prayer.

Would it be a huge step of faith for you to stop striving in your writing career, and consider letting God bring the right opportunities to you instead?

The bottom line is that God has lifted up some and not others. More important than asking "why" when faced with disappointment is to humbly seek God's glory. Our life plans are less about us, and more about how He receives the greatest glory.

My Thoughts
Ms. McGlothlin opened her heart and wrote about the lessons she learned during her writing journey. These lessons have drawn her nearer to God and strengthened her Christian faith.

This ebook challenged me to seek God's will and to write for an audience of ONE. There is no formula for success that will work for all writers. This book will encourage you to follow your heart and discover your true life's purpose.

My Rating:  5 Stars Out Of 5

FYI ~ I purchased this book with my own funds on Amazon.Com.

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