Friday, July 20, 2012

Book Review: The Crowdfunding Bible

The Crowdfunding Bible: How to Raise Money for Any Startup, Video Game or Project

Author: Scott Steinburg

Publisher: READ.ME (May 9, 2012)

About The Author
Scott Steinberg is a world-renowned expert on leveraging new technology trends to enhance business strategy and family life.

Do You Need Funding?
Crowdfunding is the process of asking the general public for donations that provide start-up capital for new ventures.
Using services like Kickstarter, creators build web pages that host information, photos and promotional videos on products, projects or services they're looking to get funded. Crowdfunding doesn't just help you finance your projects, it also lets you gauge public interest before launching new products. It lets you develop strong relationships with committed customers who will become your product's top advocates upon release.

Mr. Steinburg explains both the pros and cons of using crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is not easy. It puts you and your ideas out directly in front of the public. Crowdfunding is not for the faint of heart or the terminally bashful.

This book gives a detailed explanation of who should consider crowdfunding. It explains how to develop the pitch, the video and the rewards for your project. The author describes the process of determining the funding goal and explains how to run the marketing and PR campaign.

There are several case studies about successful crowdfunding projects in the book. The author provides a list of different crowdfunding sites but most of the examples are from Kickstarter.

My Thoughts
This 90-page ebook is a very good introduction to crowdfunding. It emphasizes preparation and planning.  I had never heard of Kickstarter when I started reading this book. I can honestly say that this book is good for the novice as well as people who have previous crowdfunding experience.

This book provides plenty of information to get you started in the world of crowdfunding. Read the book, develop a plan and then initiate your first crowdfunding project. You can only learn so much from reading a book. Experience is the best teacher and the time to get started is now.

My Rating:  5 Stars Out Of 5

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