Friday, June 8, 2012

Book Review: Attract And Feed A Hungry Crowd

Attract and Feed a Hungry Crowd: How Thinking Like a Chef Can Help You Build a Solid Business

Written by Tea Del Alma Silvestre

Published by HungryCrowdPress

March 26, 2012

About The Author
Tea Silvestre, aka The Word Chef,  is a recovering English major and coaches solopreneurs on how to find and share their Secret Sauce with the world.

A Feast Of Information
The author begins this book with the following quotation from Linchpin by Seth Godin;
"The future belongs to chefs, not to cooks or bottle washers".
The chef represents people who create the recipes, rather than those who follow them. Ms. Silvestre believes an entrepreneur should think like a chef in order to ensure success. The chef entrepreneur will create their on unique recipes.

Each person has their blend of talents, passions, gifts and resources that make up their "secret sauce". It is a dynamic interaction of your experiences, history and natural abilities. Your secret sauce has to be totally unlike anyone else's. 

The author shares nine steps to help you find your secret sauce. The goal of your secret sauce is to figure out exactly what you bring to the table and how to communicate that in a remarkable way.

The author emphasizes the importance of finding clarity, creating a signature dish, setting "big hairy audacious goals" and developing relationships with words and actions.

There is a chapter in the book about the value of storytelling. People will remember your stories much longer than your statistics and lectures. Ms. Silvestre believes your business stories must focus on emotion. The stories we tell literally create our businesses. These stories should describe how your product or service is different. They should teach your readers something new. They should inspire change.

My Thoughts
When I read a book, I can always detect the author who is truly a "word chef". These authors know how to use the English language in a way that educates, persuades and inspires. They know how to inspire change. This book is a real feast of good things that every entrepreneur should be hungry for.

Ms. Silvestre did an outstanding job of stating her case for originality and creativity. She emphasized that we can use the recipes of other chefs when we are learning, but we must create our own original "signature dishes" if we are going to be competitive and successful in the business world.

The author includes a very good Reading List of marketing books at the end of this book. These books should be on the "Must Read" list of all entrepreneurs.

"Attract and Feed a Hungry Crowd" is only 60 pages long but it packs the punch of a much longer book. I emphatically recommend this book to all entrepreneurs and anyone interested in marketing their product or cause. This book will fill you with a delicious feast of knowledge and inspiration.

My Rating:  5 Stars Out Of 5

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