Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book Review: Chopsticks (Friends For A Season)

Two 13-year-old girls compete in a song-writing contest. They both desperately need the $400.00 prize money to help others at Christmas.
Will their friendship survive?
Will this competition draw them closer together or tear them apart?
Will their Christian faith help them overcome the challenges that they face at home and at school?
Chopsticks, by Sandra Byrd, is a book for tweens/teens that includes fun, friends, family and faith.
About The Author
After earning her first rejection at the age of thirteen, bestselling author Sandra Byrd has now published more than three dozen books. A former textbook acquisitions editor, Sandra has also published many nonfiction articles and books. Sandra is also passionate about helping new writers develop their talent and their work toward traditional or self-publication. As such, she has mentored and coached hundreds of new writers and continues to coach dozens to success each year.

Two Young Musicians Become Friends
One girl sells the other a guitar and they seal their new friendship with a pair of chopsticks from a Chinese restaurant. The girls love music but their lives are very different.
Paige Winsome has always been in the shadow of her athletic brother and her academic sister. She feels like she has to fight for attention in her affluent family and that her musical talents are overlooked.
Kate Kennedy is an only child.  Her father is a pastor but has to work a second job to make ends meet. Kate uses her musical abilities in the youth group at church but she feels bad about always having to accept hand-outs from members of the church.
The girls both enter a singer/songwriter competition. The first place prize is $400.00 and an opportunity to sing at the annual Thanksgiving Day football game. Paige wants to use the prize money to donate to an animal rescue group. Kate wants to use the money to buy Christmas presents for needy American Indian children.
The girls are both talented and have what it takes to win the contest. The surprise ending of this story shows how faith and friendship can overcome all obstacles.

My Thoughts
This book is realistic Christian fiction for tweens/teens at it's best. The girls in the story face real-life challenges, pressures and heartaches. The one thing that gives them hope for a better future is their Christian faith.
The girls learn to put their own self-interests aside and concentrate on helping others. This book highlights strong family values without being overly saccharine or gooey. Highly recommended for tweens/teens ages 10 - 14!

The Friends For A Season Series
Chopsticks is Book #2 in the "Friends For A Season" series. It was first published as a paperback book in 2005 and was released in digital format in October, 2011.

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