Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Book Review: The Mystical Wood

"The Mystical Wood", by Simon Jenner, is a story about a boy and his dog. Max gets out of the yard through a hole under the gate and the boy runs to rescue him. The boy learns some very valuable life lessons as he searches for his beloved pet.
This ebook is available from Amazon and can be read on the Kindle and all of the Kindle applications.

About The Author
Simon Jenner is an independent author who lives in the United Kingdom with his wife and son. He has worked as an accountant for the past 20 years.

A Boy and His Dog
This is an exciting adventure story about a boy in search of his lost dog. The story is written in rhyme and has some repetitive text that children will love. The boy opens the gate to leave his yard and falls down into a magical kingdom. He meets a wizard who warns him,

"Little boy, oh little boy, what business have you here?

This wood is full of monsters and other things to fear."

The wizard gives the boy a magic green bag with three boxes inside. The wizard tells the boy that he can use the bag to help him find Max.

The boy walks through the woods and meets a dragon, a giant bumblebee and a T-Rex dinosaur. Each of these animals threaten to do great harm to the boy. The boy is brave and uses the magic green bag to barter with the monsters and go safely on his way.

Did the boy find his dog? You will be happy to discover the fate of Max at the end of this story.

My Thoughts
I found this book absolutely delightful. The color illustrations by Pierrre Fihue are wonderful. They add a great deal of excitement and suspense to the story.
The boy faces some very real dangers in the woods but he never gives in to fear. His determination to rescue his beloved pet is his only concern. This book will entertain young readers and teach them some valuable lessons about life.
I am so happy to see new books for kids being written for the Kindle. The  Kindle Fire has a color screen so this will make children's books very appealing to parents. I believe the future will be very bright for authors who write ebooks for children and young adults.

If you would like to learn more about "The Mystical Wood", please view The Mystical Wood [Book Trailer].

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