Sunday, October 2, 2011

Book Review: Camel Lot; A Misplaced Adventure

My Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Camel Lot; A Misplaced Adventure, written and illustrated by Karen Jones, is a charming chapter book for children.  It is currently being offered as a FREE ebook on Amazon.
Three siblings created an imaginary kingdom named "Camel Lot" when they decided to spend the afternoon playing in their mother's forbidden flower garden.

About The Author
Karen Jones lives in Indiana with her husband, daughter and Chihuahua dog. Her family is a constant source of inspiration. She has written numerous poems, stories and funny lyrics. Ms. Jones wrote "Bermuda's Triangle; A Misplaced Adventure", another ebook for children.

An Imaginary Kingdom
When Artie, Lance and Gwen were instructed to go outside and play, they struggled to think of fun things to do. Five-year-old Gwen suggested that they play in their mother's garden. They were NEVER allowed to play in the garden without permission. They decided that the forbidden garden would be the perfect place to spend the afternoon.
The children decided the garden would be a magical kingdom named "Camel Lot". Artie was the king, Lance was a knight and Gwen was the princess. The children soon realized that they were not alone in the garden.  Gwen got an unexpected push as she sat on the garden swing. Gwen's brothers were determined to get to the bottom of this prank.  They were shocked when they found a lonely neighbor boy in Camel Lot.

My Thoughts
I read this book on my Kindle and took a look at the color illustrations on my Kindle for PC application. This book has six short chapters and 6 color illustrations. The illustrations feature scenes from around the garden.
This book is appropriate for children in grades 2 - 4 and could be used as a read-aloud for younger children.
I enjoyed the daring and imaginative spirits of these children. This is a wonderful example of kids having fun without expensive toys, a television or a video game. The mysterious visitor in the garden brings an element of suspense to the story. I would love to see a picture of the children in this story. The garden illustrations were good but it just seems like something is missing. A few more illustrations would make this good book a great book.
I encourage you to download this book while it is FREE and share it with a child in your life. You will be glad you did.
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