Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Book Review: Zarrella's Hierarchy Of Contagiousness

Want to learn how to maximize social media? Are you a snake-oil salesman or are you a scientist? 
"Zarrella's Hierarchy of Contagiousness: The Science, Design, and Engineering of Contagious Ideas", by Dan Zarrella, reveals the results of data and experimentation in the world of social media marketing.
This book was published by Seth Godin's The Domino Project and is being offered as a FREE Kindle book this week (offer ends August 27th).

About The Author
Dan Zarrella is an award-winning social media scientist at HubSpot. He has a background in web development and combines his programming capabilities with a passion for social marketing to study social media behavior from a data-backed position and teach marketers scientifically grounded best practices.

What Makes An Idea Contagious?
Dan Zarella is a social media scientist. He has spent many years collecting real data from a variety of social media platforms. Mr. Zarella dispels many myths about the proper ways to use social media marketing to grow your business. He describes three criteria that must be met before someone will spread an idea in any format;
  • The person must be exposed to your content. This means that numbers count when it comes to followers on Twitter, fans on Facebook and subscribers to your email list.
  • The person must become aware of your specific piece of content (the idea you want to spread). This means that the person must read your tweet, update or email message. The author shares his findings about the best times to post your ideas and the best/worst words to use.
  • The person must be motivated by something in order to want to share the idea with his contacts. Mr. Zarella states that "rare information is power" and you must give your reader a reason to pass along your idea to his friends. The author presents his investigations into what motivates people to spread ideas.
My Thoughts
This book will encourage you to take a new look at the way you are using social media platforms to market your business. Mr. Zarrella believes it is time to take social media marketing to the next level and discover what is really working.

Most people will be able to read this book in about an hour. I suggest that you read it all the way through, and then go back and slowly read, highlight and take notes on the the key passages in this book. There is a wealth of information presented here.

I suggest that you grab Zarrella's Hierarchy of Contagiousness: The Science, Design, and Engineering of Contagious Ideas this week while it is being offered as a FREE digital download. This book is a real gem and the price is right!

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