Sunday, July 17, 2011

Clutter Cut Inc ~ Animated Prologue ~ Book Trailer

I recently read "Clutter Cut Inc." and wrote a review for this blog. I just received notification from SilverHouse Books that a new animated prologue has been created for the book.

The book begins with a view of a mountain of toys piled high in Cloot's room. At the bottom of the pile is Big Bear, who lost an ear and has fleas. Cloot's dad finds Big Bear's ear under the bed, but we never find out how Big Bear lost his ear in the first place....or how it ended up under the bed.

This delightful video prologue reveals how Big Bear lost his ear! Could Cloot's dog Twiggy have anything to do with it? This is a delightful video that will have children begging to read the entire book.

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