Friday, June 3, 2011

Free Kindle Book For Kids About The Environment

Garbage! Monster! Burp!, by Tom Watson, is the story of a friendly monster who eats all of the town's garbage. The town grows and the monster has to eat more and more garbage. The monster burps and clouds of burp-gas hang over the town. The monster  gets bigger and sadder every day. Something has to be done! How do the kids save this town and help their burping friend?

About The Author
Tom Watson works as a freelance writer, focusing on marketing and advertising. He is the founder of BigDifBooks, a small Internet company dedicated to providing original stories for children (and their parents) at little or no cost.

Good Fit For The Kindle
I am always interested in reading children's picture books that are available on the Kindle. This book is a good fit for the Kindle. The text and the illustrations are formatted for easy viewing on the Kindle screen. If you want to view the illustrations in color, you can read the book on your Kindle for PC application.

Smart Kids Save The Day
The garbage-eating monster in this story has a problem. The town is growing and the amount of garbage is out-of-control. The adults are only interested in the town growing bigger and bigger. The kids realize that the monster needs help so they go to work. They love the monster and they do not like to see him sad and distressed. The kids decide to open a business to RECYCLE the trash. There is less trash for the monster to eat so he started feeling better and burping less. The kid's business is a huge success and everyone in town (including the monster) is happy. Oh, there was one person in town who is not happy with the kid's success...he still has a cloud of monster burp-gas hanging over his head!

Recommended For Kids (And Their Parents)
I think this book is a great opportunity for parents to teach children that a Kindle, an iPad, cell phone, laptop computer, etc. can be used to read and enjoy books. This book is written in a lyrical rhyming text that would be fun to read individually or used as a read-aloud. The illustrations are cute and add value to the story. The best thing about this book is that it teaches children the importance of taking care of our environment and the value of recycling. I am thrilled to see more and more children's books being published for e-readers. It is only a matter of time before e-readers will be just as popular with kids as they are with their parents.

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