Friday, June 10, 2011

Book Review: 20 Steps To Art Licensing

Art licensing is the business of lending your art to manufacturers, and they use your design to make gift items. The manufacturer makes, sells, and ships the product to retail shops and the artist is usually paid in royalties based on sales. 20 Steps To Art Licensing: How to Sell Your Designs To Card and Gift Companies, by Kate Harper, is a very informative booklet that provides many resources for artists who are interested in growing their businesses.

About Kate Harper
Kate Harper has worked in the gift and greeting card industry for twenty years and has designed over 700 cards and gifts. She started her own handmade card business and has serviced over 2,000 accounts including Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods Markets and Papyrus. Ms. Harper provides artists with current information on her blog ~ Greeting Card Design.

The Business Side Of Art
Kate Harper has found a way to make a living by doing what she loves. She proves that you don't have to be a "starving artist", but the business of art requires a huge amount of preparation, persistence and support. This booklet provides 20 steps to art licensing and offers many links to Internet sites that have more information for art professionals.

This is a quick read but there is a wealth of information in this booklet. The steps begin with acquiring basic information about the art business;
  • Take an art licensing class.
  • Read books ~ The author recommends three "Must Read" books that will give artists much-needed foundation information.
  • Read trade magazines and blogs ~ The author lists dozens of publications that provide valuable information.
Ms. Harper also gives these steps for artists who are well on their way to art licensing success:
  • Get an attorney and learn about copyrights. You need someone who does artists contracts.
  • Look into agents. The author provides several links that help you decide if you need an agent and how to choose the right person.
  • Finding companies to work with. Ms. Harper provides the names and contact information for dozens of companies that make greeting cards and gift items.
The Price Is Right
20 Steps to Art Licensing is available in digital format (Kindle) for $2.99 at I believe this product is well worth the price. I found the whole concept that a freelance artist can sell her designs to big companies very interesting. I have been making handmade greeting cards for my friends and family for several years but I never thought about creating original designs and selling them. This booklet is informative and inspiring.

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