Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Unusual Ways To Market Your Greeting Cards

I like to make greeting cards so I purchased Unusual Ways to Market Your Greeting Cards and 22 Places to Get Your Designs Featured by Kate Harper. I found many unique ideas in this 20-page booklet. This article is a compilation of unusual ways the author has used to market and promote her own cards.

Ms.Harper believes your best advertising is your cards. She started out sending cards out with her bills. She sent the dentist a card with her payment for his services. She sent the bank a card with her deposits. She took advantage of every opportunity to get her cards into the hands of potential customers.

Ms. Harper suggests that card designers hand out greeting cards instead of business cards. A postcard could be designed with a sample of your artwork or a special verse. If the cards are attractive or have a witty quotation on them, people tend to keep them around longer and share them with others. The author emphasizes that you should always include your logo and contact information on the back of the card.

The second half of this booklet is a list of 22 trade publications and design blogs related to the gift and greeting card industry. This list includes specific submission guidelines and contact information for each publication. This is a real gold mine of useful resources.

It's amazing what greeting cards bring out in people. They touch people's hearts in a special way. I think it would be a good strategy for small businesses to invest in unique, handmade cards to send to customers and clients. A greeting card from the heart might be the one thing that sets you apart from your competition.

***The picture above features a handmade card that I made with a Kate Harper Designs rubber stamp. This touching quotation was licensed and distributed by Inkadinkado.

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