Thursday, May 19, 2011

Never Give Up

Have you ever faced rejection? Do you feel like giving up? Arthur A. Perkins has written Stop Writing, Fool to vent his frustrations about his writing career. This is a short story about Mr. Perkin's (known as AA) painful addiction to writing.
AA has had the writing virus for over 30 years. He got his first rejection letter at the age 22. Twenty years went by without further literary temptation.
Then, a co-worker encouraged Mr. Perkins to enter a short story competition that was sponsored by a local television station. He sent off a 5000 word story but he never got a reply from the competition, nor was his manuscript returned. This experience led to many literary ups and downs during the next ten years. AA acquired a literary agent and even tried his hand at writing plays, but it seemed like he was destined to failure.
This story is almost funny...if it were not so sad. At first it appears that this man is completely defeated...prepared to finally give up this addition to writing that has caused him so much pain.
But wait. AA has not given up...he is not defeated after all. On the last page of this memoir, he states "if you wish to read a low-cost novel by the same writer, the following two full-length novels can be found among the thousands of ebooks in the Kindle store."
AA no longer has to deal with those dreaded rejection letters from publishers, he has SELF-PUBLISHED his novels and he is on a roll! He will never give up!

This is a short read that many people will identify with. The book is currently being offered as a FREE Kindle ebook.  Read it today....and check-out AA's other books on Amazon.

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