Friday, May 20, 2011

Goal Setting

Do you have a set of written goals that direct your endeavors? Can goals really make a difference in your life?  Have you ever wanted to accomplish something, but been unsure how to get started? Or maybe you started something, but couldn't figure out the right actions to take?
Goal Setting: Discover What You Want in Life and Achieve It Faster than You Think Possible, by SelfMadeEasy.Com, is a 20-page ebook that explains why you need goals, how to set them and how to review your progress. This book is currently being offered as a FREE Kindle book at

What Is Goal Setting?
Goal setting is the process of writing down specific, measurable and time-targeted objectives. You figure out what you want, you write your desires down, and then you work toward achieving them.

How Do You Write Goals?
The author suggests the following five steps for the goal setting;
  • Define Your Goals
  • Create An Action Plan
  • Affirmations
  • Take Action
  • Review
There are two types of evaluation you should do. The first involves frequent evaluation of your daily actions.
  • Are you sticking to your original plans?
  • Could you improve upon your actions in any way?
  • Have your results met your expectations?
  • What can you do to improve your results?
The other type of evaluation should focus more on your long-term progress.
  • Are your plans moving you in the right direction?
  • Can you think of any ways to improve your original plans?
  • What are you learning about yourself through this process?
  • Are you beginning to think of even larger goals you can achieve in the future?
This is an amazing little book because.....
it is a complete goal-setting primer presented in a way that will motivate you to take action. It is presented in a step-by-step format that can be used by a novice or experienced goal setter. This book will guide you in developing your own focused, targeted, personalized map - a map that will lead you wherever you choose to go.

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