Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Promises Of God

Dr.James MacDonald, senior pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, has written a timely and inspirational book based on five life-changing promises that God has given His people.  In Always True: God's 5 Promises for When Life is Hard, Pastor MacDonald teaches about the following promises that God has given to all believers;
(1)  God is ALWAYS with ME.  I will not fear.
(2)  God is ALWAYS in CONTROL.  I will not doubt.
(3)  God is ALWAYS GOOD. I will not despair.
(4)  God is ALWAYS WATCHING.  I will not falter.
(5)  God is ALWAYS VICTORIOUS.  I will not fail.
Dr. MacDonald does a excellent job supporting these statements with Scripture from the Bible.  He explains exactly what the words of the Bible readings mean, and then he provides examples from everyday life to give us understanding and insight.  The author uses many examples from his own life to illustrate how he has come to believe that these promises are true and that they are available to all believers.  He states that God KEEPS His promises and these promises are activated by faith in Jesus Christ.
This book was a real blessing to me.  It reminded me that God is in conrol and I don't need to despair.  I found Dr. MacDonald's discussion on the subject of "dispair" very helpful.  It was almost like he was speaking directly to me.
I recommend this book for individual or small group Bible study.  It would be appropriate to read the entire book and then go back and really study and meditate on each lesson. 
Dr. MacDonald is a Bible teacher and radio speaker at Walk In The Word Ministries.  The Walk In The Word Fan Page on Facebook has thousands of followers.  He also has a YouTube Channel where you can view videos.
I read the Kindle  version of this book.  I can lend this book to one Kindle user for a period of two weeks.  If you would like to borrow this book, please leave a comment on this blog post and include your email address.  If you prefer, you can contact me directly at  I will lend the book to the first person who requests it.

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