Monday, January 24, 2011

Me And My Big Mouth WINNER

We have a WINNER! Last week I sponsored a book giveaway to find a new home for Me and My Big Mouth: Your Answer is Right Under Your Nose by Joyce Meyer. The contest ran from January 16th until January 24th.  I had an excellent responce and I am thrilled that so many people are interested in reading this book.  I wish I had enough books to give each one of you a copy.
This afternoon, I assigned each comment that was posted on the book giveaway blog a number, cut the numbers apart and then put them in a large bowl.  I asked God to help me draw the name of a person who was truly seeking a closer relationship with God.

I honestly believe that each one of you are sincere in your desire to have a closer relationship with God BUT I just have one book to give away, so I asked for Divine assistance in drawing a winner.
I am not going to report the name of the winner this week because I would like to share the email that she sent me after I sent her the notification that she would be receiving this book. 
"Oh my goodness THANK YOU! That really brought tears to my eyes!  I would have commented alot more under there but I didn't want everyone to read it.  I used to be SO close to God, then I got married and moved 70 miles from my home church and had a baby.  I work weenends so I haven't gone to church in a year and I REALLY need something to help me get back on track.  Lord for some reason I'm just crying so much as I write this.  I mean, I could have bought the book but maybe its nice to know GOD still cares about me."
It is a real honor for me to sponsor these book giveaway contests.  I am so pleased that the books are going to people who will be blessed by them.
I will be sponsoring another book giveaway contest very soon so please check this blog daily and pray that these contests are making a difference and changing lives.

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