Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Matt Lauer Interviews George Bush

Decision Points, the memoirs of George W. Bush, was released today.  I pre-ordered a copy from Amazon.Com and it was delivered to my Kindle last night.  I don't usually read books written by politicians (YAWN), but this book has definitely caught my interest. 
I watched the interview with Matt Lauer last night and thought the former president was doing his best to be honest and candid.  George Bush wrote a book and he is required to promote the book.  I firmly believe that this interview (and all the interviews that he will do in the next few weeks) was about selling a book. 
As president of the United States, George Bush had to make many tough decisions.  He frankly talked about some of these decisions in the interview.  The topic that I found most interesting was his response to questions that Lauer asked about Hurricane Katrina.  The former president was obviously angry when he was asked about the remark that Kenye West made during a televised fund raiser ~ "George Bush doesn't care about black people."  George Bush declared that West called him a racist and that "I am not a racist." 
OK, George...You are not a racist.  But don't you think you are over reacting a bit?
It is obvious that the former president does not do well at taking criticism.  I mean, I don't care for it myself.  However, when you accept the job as president of the United States you have to accept the fact that many people will not like you or appreciate what you do.  That is life. 

This afternoon Oprah Winfrey will interview the former president about his book.  I am looking forward to this interview and then I will start reading the book. 

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