Thursday, November 18, 2010

Book Review: Preacher Creature Strikes On Sunday

 This book is funny...I mean REALLY funny.  Preacher Creature Strikes on Sunday (Tales from the Back Pew) by Mike Thaler is the story of a young boy going to church for the first time.  He dreads going to church because he has heard all about it. 
He heard that you have to stand up, sit down and kneel a hundred times. Then you have to stay awake while some guy called a preacher tries to keep you up.  And you have to be QUIET.  Next, the preacher gives a boring talk called a sermon.  It can last for hours...for days....sometimes even weeks!  That is why the preacher is called "The Sermonator"!
When the young man and his mother actually walk into the church, they are greeted by friendly faces (everybody's awake).  The boy is invited to join other children in the children's church where he plays games, sings songs, makes puppets and acts out Bible stories. He makes lots of new friends and is eager to return the next week.  He is so excited about going to church that he is going to invite his friends to go with him!
I have been a fan of Mike Thaler's books for many years.  He has written over 250 books for children of all ages.  When I was working as a school librarian, the kids loved The Teacher from the Black Lagoon and other books from "The Black Lagoon" series.  The illustrations in Preacher Creature Strikes on Sunday (Tales from the Back Pew) , by Jared Lee, are hilarious.  I downloaded this book on my Kindle so the pictures did not appear in color but I still loved them.  The illustrations add a great deal to the humor of this story.
I am delighted that Mr. Thaler has written a series of Christian children's books. This is an awesome book to use with children both at church and at home.  CAUTION:  This book might cause unsuspecting adults to crack a smile or even let a giggle slip out.

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